"Awesome facility for both rehearsals and recording. Brian is super accommodating and friendly. This spot is something the Frederick area really needed!"

- Ambient Dreamscapes


"Excellent multifaceted space! Brian is very knowledgeable and has crafted a unique vibe. Fortunate to have met him."

- Aaron M.


"Our church has been renting rehearsal space from Brian for a few months, now, and I cannot imagine a better, safer or more comfortable space for our team. Brian greets us at the door with a smile every week, and makes sure we have everything we need. He is knowledgeable, generous, prompt and honest, and we are so happy to call Frederick Recording Studio our worship ministry's home away from home."

- Key City Church


"Five Star Service!"

- Ace, Hip-Hop Producer


"Very nice! I love the layout."

 - John Knill


"We needed a rehearsal spot so we hit up Frederick Recording Studio. They took care of us like royalty. We felt like actual rock stars we will be back. Thanks guys."

- Marshal Fuzz

"Frederick Recording Studios (FRS) is a destination that lives to make great recordings while being an integral part of the local/national music scene. The Studio has a vibe that encourages and fosters bands and musicians at all levels, those just starting and those who already know their way around a recording facility. I had the opportunity to attend a recording session and contribute to mixing down some original material with a talented local band – Zydeco Jed. Brian, the Studio’s owner, is an experienced producer and engineer. He is extremely generous with his time and resources, and fantastic to work with. A great ear applied in a truly laid back and simultaneously enthusiastic atmosphere. Frederick Recording Studios appears to have a fundamental mission to support local musicians and it shows. The studio space itself is already fantastic and constantly upping its game. FRS also develops, produces, and sells their own cutting edge customizable soundproofing technology which they have employed in their studio construction. The moment you walk in and look around, you know this is a studio that cares. A place for original music, creativity, and community. FRS rocks! There is greatness brewing here!"

- "Play Music" - Live Sound Engineer