HEAR The Difference Frederick Recording Studio

We provide Audio Recording in person and remotely, as well as online services for recording & editing for albums, singles, demos, voice overs, pre-recorded and live streaming events, podcasts, videos, concerts and beyond!
Our studio has been built from the ground up based on the hybrid concept of integration of the editing power of digital technology and the warm complexity of traditional analog gear in our recording process
Control, performance, rehearsal, and isolation rooms designed by experienced acousticians who are experts in acoustic treatment and studio design
Focus, dedication, and attention to detail are the key traits from our staff of helpful, experienced studio engineers and producers, each versatile in their own style of music production
A comfortable, creative studio environment that provides inspiration for your music project, as well as a space for your bandmates to work effectively and be productive in
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Recording Price List

Recording by the hour at $125/hour
6 hour blocks are $600
10 hour blocks are $800

Project discounts for more than 10 hours

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