Audio Mastering

Our Mastering Mindset is Simple - AMPLIFY Your Sound

The mastering stage involves signal processing with equalization, compression, saturation, stereo enhancement, limiting, audio restoration, and other final touches. Mastering engineers must also adhere to specific loudness standards when creating digital masters.
The overall goal of mastering process is to take your final mix and make it sound the best across all listening platforms. Sure, your mix sounds great in the studio monitors! We will ensure it sounds its best across all platforms such as Youtube, Spotify, Soundcloud, etc.
Online mastering is also available, allowing you to experience high quality professional mastering from the comfort of your own studio. We take your stereo mix and transform it into a beautiful piece of music that will translate well across all listening devices.
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Mastering Price List

Each song mastered at $70 flat rate

Discounts available for 2+ songs mastered

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