Audio Mixing

Traditional & Cutting Edge Mix Techniques To Enhance YOUR Sound

The audio mixdown process gives your sound space, depth and feel. We handle all the technical aspects with a keen eye on the artist's creative vision to bring your sound to life.
Our engineers have worked long and hard at the highest levels of the recording industry and now provide the benefits of that experience to clients who choose to mix their projects at FRS.
We combine the best aspects of digital technology as well as analog sound processing to give your sound the best of both worlds.
Recording, Control, performance, rehearsal, and isolation rooms designed from the ground up by experienced acousticians who are experts in acoustic treatment and studio design. Listening environments DO make a huge impact on overall sound quality!
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Mixing Price List

Mixing by the hour at $60/hour
5 hour sessions are $280
10 hour sessions are $550

Project discounts for more than 10 hours

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