Frederick Recording Studio at Work



With 15+ years in the international recording industry, AudioB is a well versed in the recording & mixing techniques adhered to in the highly competitive world of Professional Audio & Recording Studio Services.

As Chief Audio Engineer at Frederick Recording Studios, AudioB brings his extensive experience and knowledge of audio engineering tradecraft to the clientele list.

With AudioB as your Recording / Mix Engineer.....your project is in good hands.

Client Shortlist:

DreamWorks Animation

Namgal Llamo

Sony Pictures

Womack & Womack

20th Century Fox

Pogo Network (India)

Cartoon Network

Wonder Girls (Asia)

Deluxe Media

Hood Sound Records (Japan)

Lionsgate / Splash Entertainment

Universal Records Thailand


Matthew Carey

A composer, musician, and sound designer with a passion for creating compelling sonic experiences and dynamic musical scores. He enjoys working with commercial clients as well as artists in a variety of disciplines and genres.





As an Affiliate Music Producer @ Frederick Recording Studios, DJ Tony Gunn is well placed to provide clients his services - with unique soundscapes. His extensive experience in the International DJ scetor makes one thing a producer - this guy understands "the groove"

Over the past 21 years, DJ Tony Gunn has moved crowds In Europe and Asia with his selection of Hip Hop, R&B, Reggae, Reggaeton, Pop, and Electronic music. His hard work and dedication have paid off as he is a member of the Bangkok Invaders Asia’s #1 party rocking crew.

Tony Gunn is an extremely talented and unique producer of music in the Urban Music genre.



Acoustic Vibes