Brian Hedrick- FrederickRecordingStudio

AudioB is an individual who is extremely passionate about all things recording studio related.

Through his dedicated focus to the Audio Engineering Tradecraft, He has been lucky enough to enjoy success in that....his ear and creative vision have taken him around the world working with various creative and technical teams and some of the biggest luminaries in both the Music Industry as well as in Sound for Film & TV.

With over 20 years of experience in the commercial recording industry, it's a lot to lay out on display. 🙂

Let's try anyways, shall we?

His skill set breaks down into three distinct realms:

  1. Audio Engineering Pre/Post Production.
  2. Session Producer and Artist Development
  3. Recording Studio Business Management.

He has gravitated towards Audio Post Production during his time, intrigued by Recording, Editing, Mixing and Project management for TV Programs & Films for Television Broadcast and Theatrical Release.

It is a note of distinction that his project management, casting, localization, session direction, recording, editing and mixing paradigms have garnered around 1 billion views / streams and counting to date.

He believes strongly in the power of making solid personal and professional relationships. He is dedicated to investing in the development of the creative community with a focus on the Recording Arts & Sciences.




Jamorn is a an audio engineer, dubbing director and script adaptor. His dedication to the audio engineering tradecraft, flair for performance and expression have established him as a creative force in International voice acting and dubbing studio realms worldwide.  For those in the know, this guy is the real deal.

Anthony Gunn


Anthony is a music producer and audio engineer specializing in on the Urban Music Genre. With vast experience as a globally-known DJ, this guy has the ear and the experience to pump out excellent recordings and dynamic mixes.

Brandon B.



Award-winning† filmmaker Brandon B. has been involved with various video and film productions for over 20 years, starting with humble beginnings at a local public access TV station in 1999 to earning a Bachelors of Science in Film/Video/Theater at Stevenson University on the outskirts of Baltimore, MD, to competing in six 48 Hour Film Projects (all of which have played theatrically on the outskirts of Washington DC). He has also filmed multiple commercials for local urgent care companies, and has collaborated with a wide swath of Blu-ray companies in the US and the UK on various mini-documentaries as well as edited multiple promo trailers for said companies.

† - Spring 2022 Washington DC 48 Hour Film Project - Best Cinematography, "Cherished"